Sustainable Builds
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Sustainable Builds

Have you ever considered a ‘Green Build’?


Have you ever considered a ‘Green Build’? It makes sense to future proof your home. It has lower impact on the environment, is economical to build and run, and increases market value at sale time. Sustainable materials and construction techniques are affordable and highly recommended at SICE+WOOD. Our HIA Green Smart Accreditation means you’re buying best practice expertise on adaptable and resilient builds.

SICE+WOOD have launched the first HIA Green Smart Certified granny flat for NSW, in the city of Penrith. “The Pyramid” is a ground-breaking sustainable build ticks all the right boxes: low environmental impact and an economical build and operation.

Sustainable features include but are not limited to:

  1. 8 out of 10 stars on the National Energy Resource Scheme (NatHERS)
  2. 99% energy rating, NSW Government Building Sustainability Index (BASIX)
  3. Zero net energy use – meaning it produces more energy than it uses
  4. Locally sourced trades and materials to significantly reduce carbon emissions.
  5. The very 1st HIA Green Smart certified Granny Flat in NSW

Dave Wood, owner of SICE+WOOD says “I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to sustainable housing. I take a systematic and scientific approach to design and construction because I want all my builds to be resilient, adaptable and comfortable. Healthy, green, living spaces are what the future looks like and I want to be part of it”.

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